used-pillow asked: Is Matthew Perry married or not??

No he isnt but I think he is still dating Lizzy Caplan (Janice from Mean Girls) Its been 6 years they have been together but still not 100% they are still together, last photo I saw of them was last year at a hockey game I think….

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t-remulous asked: Your blog is beautiful! xoxo

Thankyou x

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1800dontcare asked: do you know a website where i can watch free full episodes of friends?(: thankks!

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Anonymous asked: Can you please tell me how to make photos out of confessions? I'm trying to make one but i don't know what I'm doing? Any help would be appreciated:)

Either do it on Photoshop or Microsoft Powerpoint, then just choose your shape and font and colour etc. You must always save the file as .jpg

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